Release: 2019-Q4

Revision: 20878, Build: 2019-12-12


The new version GEFEG.FX 7 has been finalised. We are currently sending out further information about the new version to our user base.


To install GEFEG.FX 7 you will need your GEFEG.FX license information. The license information is the same as used with GEFEG.FX 6.1 SP1. Please contact GEFEG, if you would like to receive this again.

If you have problems while installing the software, please call us at +49-30-979914-0 or email us.

Using the default settings of GEFEG.FX 7, the new version will be installed into a separate folder on your local drive. This also applies for all data delivered with GEFEG.FX 7, such as B2B standards. It will not overwrite your existing GEFEG.FX installation.

  1. Download / Run the installation file setup.exe (ca 3.5 MB).
  2. Follow the instructions in the dialogs. Select the GEFEG.FX modules you want to install.
    Program and data of GEFEG.FX 7 will be installed in a different directory if you are using the default setting.
  3. After successful installation you may start the program from the desktop link or the start menu.

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