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Since its founding in 1990, GEFEG has been actively involved in processes and consulting of electronic business. During this time GEFEG (Gesellschaft für Elektronischen Geschäftsverkehr mbH) have established themselves as a consulting firm for complex e-business projects across the industries.
GEFEG support companies, organizations and administrations in the development, documentation and maintenance of B2B data formats and data models. Due to the membership and cooperation in international working groups and standard bodies, like DISA, EDIFICE, OASIS, EAN.UCC GSMP and OAGIS, GEFEG obtains the information necessary to stay at the top of current developments which are then incorporated in customer projects. Most of these projects involve the use of the scalable product line GEFEG.FX, developed by GEFEG themselves.
  • Developing, adapting and maintaining standards and data formats for the electronic handling of business processes for all industries and administrations
  • Development of documents and data interfaces as canonical data models based on UML, UMM, and CCTS
  • Representation of the data model in several data formats
  • Planning and representation of the relations between various data interfaces in classical EDI and XML formats (mapping)
  • Developing, adapting and maintaining your company-specific EDI / XML / in-house guidelines
  • Implementation guidelines specifying the implementation of data models for business documents in specific EDI as well as XML syntaxes like EDIFACT, OAGIS, RosettaNet, VDA, X12, etc.
  • Presenting and publishing your data interfaces in HTML format in internet applications and on browseable CD-ROMs
  • Training your staff on Electronic Business topics in practical seminars and workshops
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