EU Norm EN16931 makes E-Invoicing happen gives access to all information - including industry profiles

Press Announcement of 2017-06-28

Managers of companies and public authorities share common thoughts: E-invoicing saves time and money for all participants.

Today a European Standard for electronic invoicing was published: the European Norm EN1931. The norm implements the European Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement. By transposing it to national law it becomes mandatory for public authorities. The usage specification XRechnung which was adopted by the German "IT-Planungsrat" last week is the basis for the implementation of EN16931 for Germany's public authorities.

By publishing the European Norm organizations still waiting to start implementing of e-invoicing will get momentum while increasing planning reliability.

European invoicing experts realized immediately that not every user will need all information of the European core invoice for their implementation. Due to this reason the norm describes requirements for creating subsets - the so called Core Invoice Usage Specifications (CIUS).

As a single point of information about the European core invoice and its corresponding CIUS, GEFEG makes the portal available for free to all interested users. Currently there are Core Invoice Usage Specification being developed in different European member states. gives access to their drafts.

Specifications being available on will be ZUGFeRD 2.0, which in Europe is called Factur-X. The specification is compliant and conformant to EN16931 while defining a hybrid e-invoicing format. It has been developed between Germany and France. The German public authorities' format XRechnung will be available as well as ZUGFeRCH, which is a Swiss specification based on ZUGFeRD 1.0. Final versions of these formats are expected to be available in October 2017.

For interested users and industry associations a free tool will be available soon which supports the creation of CIUS that are compliant to the European Norm. By making those CIUS available at all interested users get access to this information. The validation of individual invoice messages against those CIUS is included in the service.

"We want to turn organisations working on the introduction of e-invoicing into fans of electronic invoicing. By launching Portal we foster a fast and reliable implementation of the new invoice formats. In addition it is very important to promote the development of standard-compliant profiles of electronic invoicing standards. In many discussions with invoicing experts it was asked, how industry specific requirements can be implemented while staying compliant to the standard." explains Andreas Pelekies, Senior Consultant and e-Invoicing expert on national and international level. "With the new CIUS tool profiles can be created easily and fast that are interoperable to the standards and thus can be implemented on a reliable base."

PA EU Norm EN16931 makes E-Invoicing happen

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