The neutral judge in the cloud

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Your trading partners can validate their instances against your Market Practice Guidelines in this self-service web application, at least for a syntax check, but also for business rules, valid IBANs etc. In addition to the validation task, the portal generates respond messages such as pain.002 to respond to pain.001 or pain.008 - in order to show your trading partner what your expectations are.

  • Fast and easy testing
  • Centralized web-based solution
  • Automatic error reports and feedback

Message content can be visualized in PDF forms. Error messages are hyperlinked directly to the corresponding definition in the Market Practice Guideline. The portal service provides your business partners with one central quality assurance facility.

In short, the use of an ISO 20022 Validation.Portal is reducing time and costs of on-boarding considerably.

Publicly available Validation.Portals


SIX-Group Validation.Portal

DESSUG Validation.Portal

SEPA (Germany) Validation.Portal

ISO 20022 Validation.Portal

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