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Since 2010 GEFEG is an official SWIFT Partner. GEFEG already has been a software provider for SWIFT Standards since the 1990s.


Customers of both GEFEG.FX and SWIFT SDK now get the benefits of both products. The full UML repository as well as enriched MX schemas and enriched MT schemas become available in GEFEG.FX and can serve as the basis for customization to suit your actual needs. Users with a stronger business orientation can customize the UML classes, thus having the benefit of using natural language in component names as well as the non-redundancy of class descriptions. There is also the option to re-generate enriched schemas, with the additional option to generate a central message components schema used by many messages.

SWIFT Standards Developer Kit case study

SWIFT Standards Developer Kit

The GEFEG.FX SWIFT myStandards Adapter

SWIFT myStandards is a web portal for the management of ISO 20022 market practice guidelines (MPGs).

GEFEG.FX is a rich desktop editor used to elaborate such MPGs. Your results are highly customizable documentation in different formats, like RTF, PDF, HTML, as well as various flavors of XSD schema files.

In order to deliver your results also to SWIFT myStandards, you can now export your MPG as a machine readable file specifically designed for SWIFT myStandards. In GEFEG.FX you take the decision which parts of your documentation remain private and which will be published. For example, the mappings to internal application formats or internal remarks are for internal use only but the common semantic definitions are usually public. GEFEG estimates that 90% of Market Practice Guidelines are presently maintained in a combination of XSD + PDF + XLS files. For that reason, GEFEG.FX users can not only deliver Market Practice Guidelines as UML, but also XSD schemas that will be reversely translated into UML. As a prerequisite ISO 20022 data models of the SWIFT SDK have to be present in GEFEG.FX. To use the wealth of GEFEG.FX publication and export functions, GEFEG.FX can import the SWIFT myStandards file.

SWIFT myStandards as web-based solution and GEFEG.FX as rich desktop solution are the ideal product combination. Users of GEFEG.FX who have taken part in the myStandards Beta program declared that continuously using GEFEG.FX as their desktop editor has a high priority for them. They also stressed the high value of a web-based collaboration on standards.

SWIFT Presentation of myStandards

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