Validation Portal for STUZZA

The Austrian research consortium STUZZA (STUdiengesellschaft für Zusammenarbeit in der ZAhlungsverkehr Ges.m.b.H.) has installed GEFEG.Validation.Portal for use in the Austrian banking industry.

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The STUZZA Checker was made available to the users in July 2001. The great response and the success of the projects are proven by the access data in the core period of the introduction July 2001 until March 2004:

About 2.000 users checked about 25.000 transaction files!

As of 1 January 2002, Austrian banks abandoned the national electronic data interchange format currently used in payment transactions in favor of UN/EDIFACT. The goal of the project was to provide an easily accessible, user-friendly software solution, well before the transition date, for testing financial messages as a service to Austrian banks, their customers and participating software manufacturers. In this way the financial institutions making the transition from the customary payment transaction data format to EDIFACT were almost completely freed from time-consuming testing of incoming messages.

STUZZA offers software support for the introduction of financial messages using GEFEG.Validation.Portal

The syntax tests performed by default have been expanded and adapted, in cooperation with STUZZA, to include custom plausibility checks, including meaningful error messages. Once the contents to be examined for plausibility have been determined, the appropriate checks are incorporated in the application description of the financial message. In this way the test routine is optimized for the specific requirements of Austrian transaction processing. At the same time, the reference standard itself is integrated in the GEFEG.Validation.Portal as an HTML project. This means that errors shown in the test report can be easily understood using the documentation, and then corrected.

The banks and their customers have benefited from GEFEG.Validation.Portal in several ways
  • Message testing with GEFEG.Validation.Portal can be set up with no installation work.
  • The testing function is accessible and available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • The test routine is convenient and intuitive, and requires no user training.
  • The tests that are incorporated, which take into account all the necessary dependencies, requirements and restrictions, allow the message sender to detect and correct error sources promptly.
  • The error rate in real-time operation is thus drastically reduced, and the objective of transmitting files that conform to the standards is attained faster.

The XML Checker contributes immensely to saving time and resources in the introduction of the financial message among a large user group!


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