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  • Increased productivity
  • Avoidance of data redundancy
  • Increased quality
  • Improved management of specifications

Market Practice Guidelines for messages are as important as blueprints for builders: Make a mistake here and the costs for the correction are comparatively low, but to fix errors after implementation becomes rather expensive. For this and many other reasons GEFEG, being a design-time software provider, develops their software for message blueprints: GEFEG.FX.

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To shape a Market Practice Guideline, users often maintain XSD schema and multiple text or spreadsheet documents in parallel. This often enough results in double work and an increasing number of errors. In contrast GEFEG.FX users maintain ISO 20022 Market Practice Guidelines in one single source, but can export multiple schemas, spreadsheets and text documents from there.

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This approach ensures consistency and saves time. Documentation can be generated for PDF, RTF, HTML and CHM. Layout templates take care that documentation follows your corporate identity rules. Out of one single source you generate target group documentation: for example, one for external trading partners, one for internal implementers. Out of one single source, you can export different variations of XSD schema: a full one or a restricted one, with or without enumeration values or documentation elements.

IS0 20022 and Legacy

The GEFEG.FX Mapping Planner shows and documents the relations between ISO 20022 and legacy formats. Users with a more business oriented view can map UML classes to legacy formats in order to explain their readers "what is what" on data field level. You can also use the enriched MX schemas as a canonical format. As a nice side effect, you get the cross-field relations between the other legacy formats automatically for free, thanks to the GEFEG.FX Thesaurus Mapping principle.

Compare Market Practice Guidelines

You may want to find out the differences of your Market Practice Guideline compared to the original ISO 20022 or to another Market Practice Guideline. To do this GEFEG.FX does not compare the schema text, but examines the business content.

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