Market Practice Guidelines

In the design time of eBusiness projects, considerable efforts are taken to customize ISO 20022 messages. Using the desktop software GEFEG.FX you have the advantages of professional software with a focus on business message design and specifications management.

Trading Partner Onboarding

When it comes to trading partner on-boarding, GEFEG's ISO 20022 Validation.Portals provide a self-service validation facility, making sure that future production messages are compliant with your Market Practice Guidelines.

GEFEG, a design-time tools provider since 1990

GEFEG has a long history in the finance industry starting in the EDIFACT days. Siemens defined their customer-to-bank messages using the GEFEG.FX desktop tool. These messages became part of the Siemens EDIFACT Standard (SES) and are still in use, for example SIEMENS employees' salaries are paid using an EDIFACT PAYMUL message until today. Other users included the ZKA, the umbrella organization of the German finance industry, UBS, Svenska Handelsbanken and Dresdner Bank. View a special Dresdner Bank CD-ROM describing their EDI interfaces.

When the Euro was introduced in 2001, the Austrian finance market exchanged their proprietary format for an EDIFACT based national payments messages format. STUZZA, the Austrian banking association in charge, booked the XML Checker to support their market participants during the rollout of the messages. Today, this successful validation portal is being used to validate SEPA messages.

GEFEG for ISO 20022 at a Glance

GEFEG - Your Partner for Financial Message Design (Introduction for the Finance Industry)

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