Test JAIF Global Automotive EDIFACT Messages
Odette EDI Validation Portal offers internet validation service


In cooperation with their American and Japanese counterparts Odette International, the European organization serving the Automotive Industry, has developed a set of Global Automotive EDIFACT Messages that are used in the Automotive Industry world-wide.

Odette International offers the Odette EDI Validation Portal for these Global Messages. This internet validation service allows you to perform a compliance check of your messages against the most frequently used Global Automotive EDIFACT specifications. The test checks whether a message conforms to a message specification.

The following messages are available in the Odette EDI Validation Portal:

Price for each check package (50 checks of one specification within 180 days): 200 €, VAT excluded

Please send email with your check package order to info@gefeg.com or click on the relevant message above. You will receive an email with the access data to the GEFEG.Portal as soon as the check package has been set up.

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