Validation of EDIFICE Messages
Test messages against EDIFICE D.10A MIGs

This product is exclusively available for EDIFICE members and their invited trading partners.

The June 2011 plenary endorsed new EDIFACT guidelines bsed on EDIFACT D.10A. They will probably replace D.97A based MIGs in the future. To support this process and to ensure community-wide similar implementations, we will provide a "Validation.Portal for EDIFICE" to the membership and their trading partners. The "Validation.Portal for EDIFICE" is expected to help to/with

  • migrate from D.97A to D.10A
  • setup new implementations
  • onboard new trading partners
  • trouble shooting

EDIFICE messages may be validated against the EDIFICE specifications using the GEFEG.Validation.Portal. The following EDIFICE specifications are available:

The portal starts with the probably most important messages. If you require other messages, please contact us, we will make them available as soon as possible.


Price for each check package (25 checks of one specification within 180 days): 100 €, VAT excluded

Please send email with your check package order to or click on the relevant message above. You will receive an email with the access data to the GEFEG.Portal as soon as the check package has been set up.

Please also send an email to if the Edifice message you would like to test is not listed in the table below.

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