Validation Benefits with GEFEG.Portal
Achieve error-free messages for your business data interchange faster

An efficient, easily accessible solution

  • Round-the-clock availability, seven days a week
  • Accessible from any PC with an Internet connection - anywhere in the world
  • No software installation
  • Self-explanatory test routine requires no training

Send out error-free business data sooner

  • The sender spots the errors before the messages are sent to the receiver
  • Independent self-testing
  • Proven, convenient test routine
  • Tests based on qualified industry-specific standards such as GS1 EANCOM® INVOIC, Odette DESADV, VDEW-MSCONS, and more
  • Meaningful error messages in plain language support troubleshooting
  • Improved diagnostics through human-readable documentation
  • Tests both syntax and semantics, or business logic

Individualized settings

  • Password-protected, personalized folder for each user
  • You choose how often you use it according to your individual needs

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