Message Test with GEFEG.FX


GEFEG.FX offers the same test functions as the GEFEG.Portal. In GEFEG.FX you also benefit from additional features, of which especially the following functions extend and supplement the checking of messages for the professional user:

  • Create syntactically correct test data
  • Create intentionally errored data to test your EDI system's error handling
  • In the open EDI message, the cursor jumps directly to the error to allow you to assess the situation and correct the error
  • Visual display of EDI messages

We recommend testing messages with GEFEG.FX for users who

  • Connect individual partners
  • Want to develop expertise in EDI and e-Business
  • Test their own messages
  • Prefer the convenience of a software with extensive features
  • Want to work off-line on a local PC or laptop

More information on GEFEG.FX

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