Functions of the GEFEG.Portal
Modular Approach and Configurable Areas


Publication of eBusiness Interfaces

Publish specifications, schema files and other deliverables and provide them for downloading. Central point of information to easily access specifications and to promote governance. User-defined views and filters allow easier handling of the uploaded artifacts.

Tracking and Management of Requirements and Change Requests

Enter and track requirements or change requests, view their current status. Centralize the process to avoid consuming searching and data loss. The entries can be filtered by various criteria.

Validation and Visualization

Compliance Check of messages on the basis of guidelines and business rules. Upload instances to check for compliance with the specification. Supports user communities to implement interfaces identically in order to achieve interoperability. In rollout or onboarding scenarios your EDI partner self-test the messages without any effort on your part.


Tasks Management

Tracking system for task management. Organize the internal work of users. Faster tracking of tasks assigned to users.


Communication with the user community of the portal via a news section. Inform users about patches, updates, new versions and other issues.

Download Area

Provided data, for example test data, are available for download by the user community.

Admin Area

Configure the GEFEG.Portal if you are the administrator. Set up user groups or define and adjust the views so that the various areas accommodate specific requirements and workflows. All data of the configuration can be exported as XML.

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