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GEFEG.FX supports you professionally and comprehensively in the development, documentation and testing of interfaces for the electronic exchange of business documents.

GEFEG.FX aims at high data quality already in the design-time phase of data exchange and beyond that at shortening the implementation phase. To achieve these goals, GEFEG.FX relies on international standards, supports the specification of standards and mappings, and unifies and simplifies routine work. At the push of a button, meaningful documentation is generated - for publication on the Internet or for forwarding to business partners. Last but not least, extensive testing options support data quality: error-free interfaces save time and money even before productive use begins.

GEFEG.FX offers competitive advantages for companies who want to keep a better overview of their business data or harmonize it, who have their own know-how in business data exchange, who want to acquire or keep it. Our software solution naturally supports users with the latest developments in eBusiness Interface Management.





GEFEG.FX supports the definition, modelling, validation, harmonisation and organisation of interfaces with extensive functions.

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Data Modelling

Schema Development

GEFEG.Content - Standards for B2B

Specifications (Guides, Guidelines)

Mapping Planner

Test Data

Data hand-over

Documentation & Reports


Trial version

Thank you for your interest in GEFEG.FX. To give you a good start for your evaluation, we will present the most important features of GEFEG.FX and how to use them in a personal, interactive guided tour. We will also discuss your requirements and provide you with an evaluation license upon request. Please fill out our contact form.

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