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Product Information


 PDF format GEFEG.FX Overview  (413 KB)
 PDF format Green Light for EDI - With GEFEG.FX Classic EDI  (459 KB)
 PDF format IDocs and Meta-IDocs in GEFEG.FX  (726 KB)
 PDF format Modeling Core Components with GEFEG.FX  (377 KB)
 PDF format UneDocs and GEFEG.FX  (692 KB)
 PDF format Interoperability and Extensibility - Edit and Extend OAGIS BODs Using OAGIS with GEFEG.FX  (373 KB)
 PDF format GEFEG Products for the Validation of Messages  (252 KB)
 PDF format Collaboration - Publication - Validation - Visualization With the GEFEG.Portal  (454 KB)
 PDF format Streamline the Development and Application of eBusiness Standards: Gain standardization benefits but cut the costs and boost your quality and efficiency by using a Dynamic Collaboration Framework  (526 KB)
 PDF format GEFEG.FX Document Comparison (Technical Specification)  (188 KB)
 PDF format Automotive: Be Ahead with the New Automotive eStandards: GEFEG.FX for Automotive  (3,751 KB)
 PDF format Customs: Next Generation Implementation Tooling Solution for Cross Border Projects: Efficient Adoption and Reuse of the WCO Data Model
GEFEG.FX with WCO Data Model Customization Package
 (2,065 KB)
 PDF format Customs: Fast-track to Electronic Cross Border Procedures: Find your way easily around the WCO Data Model
GEFEG.FX with WCO Data Model Study Package
 (2,051 KB)
 PDF format Customs: Collaborative Customization of the WCO Data Model for Single Windows Implementations  (785 KB)
 PDF format Customs: GEFEG.FX with WCO Data Model - Version 3.5 Information
Release of WCO Data Model Version 3.5 / March 2015
 (283 KB)
 PDF format Customs: GEFEG.FX with WCO Data Model - Version 3.4 Information
Release of WCO Data Model Version 3.4 / April 2014
 (221 KB)
 PDF format WCO News: WCO Data Model: the bridgehead to connectivity in international trade, by S.P. Sahu.pdf  (2,323 KB)
 PDF format WCO News: Data Harmonization for Single Windows, by Ian Hogg.pdf  (749 KB)
 PDF format Electronics: GEFEG.FX - B2B Design Time and Quality Assurance - GEFEG.FX for the Electronics Industry  (403 KB)
 PDF format Energy Data Formats: Speed Your EDI Implementation Up with Online Message Tests  (494 KB)
 PDF format Finance: Financial Messages Design - GEFEG for ISO 20022  (953 KB)
 PDF format Finance: GEFEG - Your Partner for Financial Message Design (Introduction for the Finance Industry)  (8,800 KB)
 PDF format Retail: Design Customize Test Publish: Use GS1 eCom Standards to Meet Your Business Needs  (580 KB)

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