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B2B Standards for the Automotive Industry

GEFEG actively supports the Automotive Industry by providing B2B standards used in this business area world-wide. The B2B standards are delivered with GEFEG.FX, a comprehensive product line for standardizing B2B specifications and also the routine jobs involved in the creation, maintenance, and customization of an EDI specification.

The B2B standards available are:

GEFEG also plays an active part in the standardization of electronic business processes as a member of international bodies such as AIAG, ASC X12, EDIFICE, and UN/CEFACT and by providing their expertise in Automotive projects, such as the JAI Projects or joint training on XML Schema Development and Data Modeling (with the German VDA).
The American Industry Action Group (AIAG) has developed Automotive BODS which are specific XML messages based on the OAGIS 8.0 specification. These Automotive BODs are made available in special variants of the GEFEG.FX product line by AIAG. These variants comprise the Automotive BOD Reader (free of charge), the Automotive BOD Editor and GEFEG.FX Professional+ Automotive (for sale).
For more information visit the AIAG web site

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